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Maja & Rosie


Maja, a 16 year old girl, was sitting in the courtyard with 5 of her friends when a RPG (Rocket Propelled Grande) exploded about 10-15 ft from them killing all of her friends instantly. Maja was severely injured. Due to the extent of her injuries and lack of medical options during the genocide, Maja's leg had to be amputated without anesthesia. About month later Maja was rescued and taken out for medical treatment and her life was saved! 

Rosie, a Great Dane puppy, was approximately couple weeks old when her mom (a large Great Dane) accidentally stepped on her foot and broke it. Due to the extent of her injuries Rosie's leg had to be amputated. Rosie now wears a prosthetic leg to avoid scoliosis and other medical issues, and to have a full life every doggy should have! 


In September 2015 Maja and Rosie were united! Together, they are inspiring millions around the globe, to overcome their obstacles and learn that EVERY life is worth saving! 

Click here to watch a short 2 min video about their life. 


Love. Support. Happiness.


We believe that 

LOVE is the main

ingredient to 

success. We feel that giving you plenty of love will make any situation better. 


At times, we all need 

SUPPORT. We often have a difficulty asking for help. But dogs and humans have been able to be there for each other without judgment and need to ask for it. 


When you put LOVE and SUPPORT together you will undoubtably end up with HAPPINESS. And that is what we are all about; Making you happy!


Our goal is to inspire all individuals that face obstacles and challenges, especially those with disabilities. We want you to know that you can do ANYTHING if you are surrounded with


To support our work and Rosie's new talent check out
Rosie's painting page!

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Our work
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Our Story

When Rosie was only few weeks old, her mom, who is a 135lb Great Dane, accidently stepped on her foot breaking it! Rosie was taken immediatly to the vet, but unfortunately they were not able to save her leg. After the amputation Rosie needed a forever home with someone who understood her pain and would be able to provide her with care and attention she needed. 


While all this was happening, Maja, who is an amputee herself, was looking for a Service Dog. One day when Maja was visiting Hanger Prosthetics and Orthotics, they told her about Rosie, the Great Dane. After seeing the short video clip from ABC news about Rosie, Maja immediately reached out to BHBD rescue and filled out an application for adoption! After a long week of waiting for their decision, Maja was notified that she was selected to be Rosie’s permanent mommy!  


That moment the history was made! Maja and Rosie were united and have been changing lives every since. 


Rosie is currently going through Service Dog Training, as well as PTSD Emotional Support Dog training. She is doing phenomenally and does not let her disability keep her from doing anything she wants! 


Maja is a successful speaker motivating masses with her message of positivity. She also teaches corporations about leadership, overcoming obstacles and dealing with change! She hopes that soon Rosie will accompany her in all speaking engagements. While dealing with PTSD having Rosie has been unbelievable experience. To learn more about Maja visit her website at or watch this little video clip

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We are located in the beautiful 

Tampa Bay, Florida, USA. 


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