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Rosie The Amputee Great Dane Painting  

How did Rosie start painting? 

After completing her obedience, service dog, and agility training Rosie was getting bored and restless. No matter what Maja did she wanted to participate in her own way! 

One day while Maja was painting a large painting which was laid out on the floor (due to size) Rosie kept getting into paints. She got them on her face and paws not allowing Maja to paint, trying to grab the brush from her hand! 

After showing interest Maja decided to teach Rosie how to paint! 

It took three 15 minutes training sessions. 

First session she learned how to touch the canvas with her nose. 

Second session Rosie learned how to hold he brush in her moth. 

Third session she learned how to touch the canvas with the brush in her moth! 

After that, Rosie took off. She started to paint and develop her own style. She decides where she will paint, whether she will use strokes, lines, or just plain dots!  Rosie also seems to prefer certain colors....not sure exactly why or how...but hey, who can understand why artists do things! 

Soon after she started painting there was a big demand for original Rosie paintings. Within first 6 months she sold more than $3500 worth of paintings. Money is used to support Rosie's art hobby -- we use it to buy paints, canvases, shipping boxes, and other supplies. Rest of the profits are donated to a rescue! :) 

Do you want Rosie to paint custom painting for you?

Finally! For a limited time only, you can now purchase one of Rosie's original art pieces. Select the colors or you want, or you can let Rosie choose the colors she likes!  :)  Part of the profits go to a rescue group that keeps pets and families together.  The other part is used to buy more paints and canvases for Rosie! 

Click to BUY one of her paintings now!

Meet The Artist

Rosie is an amputee Great Dane that LOVES painting. 

Her love of painting started when she saw her partner in crime, Maja, paint. 

After only 4 training sessions Rosie was able to pick up a brush and paint her very first painting

Click here to watch a video of Rosie painting. :) 

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