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The Perfect Gift For Dog Lovers

"Will I ever be normal again?"


The pain was horrific. What came after was worse.


In a split second, a grenade stole my leg and five of my dearest friends during a genocide in my home country of Yugoslavia.


I should have died. Maybe, part of me wished I would have.


Dealing with the traumatic effects of PTSD and night terrors was more than I could bear. I was all alone.


Little did I know, halfway across the world in America, a Great Dane puppy was enduring a similar struggle.


An accident at birth cost Rosie her leg, just like me. We needed each other, we just didn't know it yet.


After, I immigrated to the United States I was getting fitted for a prostethic leg when I met Rosie.


We both became fast friends and I adopted her.


She trained to be a service dog and now helps me cope with my PTSD and together we do our best to bring hope wherever we can.


When I discovered Rosie's love for painting, it gave me an idea for a way we can give back this holiday season.


There's always that one person on our gift-giving list that is just impossible to buy for. You need a truly unique gift, a one-of-a-kind treasure.


Rosie paints her original artwork just for you or your loved one, we'll even do a video for you! 


Each painting is custom done, you even get to choose your favorite colors.


A portion of the proceeds support animal rescues and the rest is to buy paints for Rosie to keep her doing what she loves.


Give a truly special, memorable gift! 


Order your custom painting from Rosie today!



Each painting is done on a 9x12 canvas and includes Rosie's signature and a Certificate of Authenticity with the date and painting number. If you include the video option please note that videos will be sent in digital format AFTER painting has been delivered to you. 

The Perfect Gift For Dog Lovers

  • You are purchasing an ORIGINAL, CUSTOM painting by Rosie, the Amputee Great Dane. 


    Paiting is 9x12 inches on canvas. 


    You can select custom colors or let Rosie choose!  


    Click here to watch Rosie paint and see how she does it!

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